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Hello Ladies!

Welcome to a very special issue of Glamour Saturday. Special why?

Because today begins a contest I’ve been wanting to hold ever since my new collection, Postcards From Paris, was barely a thought.

If you’ve browsed though the pieces in this collection you might have noticed that each page has a short vignette of a scene from a vacation to Paris. There are 13 parts total, but no ending.

That’s where you come in. I want you to write the ending. Where does our hero end up? What is she doing & who is she with? The limit is your own imagination.

So why should you take the time to write it? Well, if your story is chosen, I will be sending you the Margaux coat in your size & color choice. 100%  free of any postage fees or charges.

Not only that, 3 runners-up will each receive a $25 giftcard to use on anything in the shop.

Sound good? Keep reading…

Contest Rules

  • No purchase necessary, purchase will not increase your chances (just a good story will)
  • Entries must be submitted using the form on this page, no other types of entries will be considered (that includes comments on this post or messages via social media)
  • Only one entry per person
  • Your submission MUST be your own work (no plagiarizing please, it’s slimy)
  • You must be a human over 18 to enter (Geminae designs don’t look good on bots anyway)
  • Contest is open worldwide, but your story must be written in English (French words ok to use if they add to the plot)
  • Entries must be received by midnight 12/17/17. Contest winners will be chosen 1/6/18 & contacted via email.

By submitting an entry for this contest you agree to:

Allow me to use your story along with your name on this website, in my email newsletters & on all my social media channels (you will be credited)

Hold Geminae, its owner & any of its properties free from any liability

Pay any & all taxes or duties as required by your country of residence should you win a prize

The story so far

1. Looking Forward

As you gaze one last time at that gorgeous hotel, you think to yourself, “What a shame to leave such a beautiful city.” The memories you’ve made here will stay with you forever. Long after the sounds & smells of the city have faded.

But another place calls to you. Another city to explore. You take one last photo of the beautiful architecture, put your phone into the pocket of your chic Margaux coat, & then look ahead to the next stop on your European tour, Paris.

Your taxi pulls up to the curb. Time to move on. Adventure awaits…

2. Piquing Interest

Nothing like the feeling of checking into a new hotel. Getting settled in is one ritual to be enjoyed.

As you hang up your clothes piece by piece, you can’t help but plan in your head where you’ll wear each one & what you’ll be doing. Ah yes, the Claudette dress. This one’s a bit different because it’s really two dresses in one.

The ruby red side of course is best suited for piquing the interest of a good-looking Frenchman at the hotel bar. One who offers to show you the best little bistro in the area…

3. Beau Chapeau

So nice to just sit in the park near your hotel feeling a soft breeze against your face. Suddenly you feel something else. That unmistakable sense of someone’s eyes on you.

You look up from your book & there across the way is a handsome stranger. You give him a Mona Lisa smile & look away, not sure yet if he can compete with Colette.

After a minute or two of silent communication, he makes his way over to you & compliments your hat in broken French.

It appears you’ve been mistaken for a local. It must be your beret…

4. Une Noisette S’il Vous Plait

The little café near your hotel has the best coffee. The food isn’t bad either. You’ve gone there every day since you got here.

But today your interest is in more than just having a noisette. That’s why you’re wearing your Claudette dress. The flirty length & the way the a-line cute drapes over you are guaranteed to get that cute waiter’s attention.

That pretty shade of pale blue is the perfect contrast to your favorite black boots. You’re going to look amazing on the back of his moped as you take in the city lights tonight…

5. Shadow & Light

As you study the details of The Madonna of the Rocks, you notice, out of the corner of your eye a group of students on a field trip. They mill around in the background.

Their leader approaches. A distinguished-looking professor type. His charm & wit are a match for your own. He compliments your color-blocked Claudette dress. “Great use of shadow & light.”

With all the works of art around it is you that has captivated. You wonder how he’ll like the navy side of the dress when you meet for drinks later…

6. Internet-famous

Twirling around in the Jardin des Tuileries, you can’t help but feel a little silly. But the cute photographer your posing for assures you that it is going to look amazing on Instagram.

He would know, he has over 100 thousand followers. But even if he didn’t that accent is hard to say no to. So you play it up for the camera swirling your layered Sophie skirt.

Not just looking, but also feeling the part of an internet-famous model. You wonder how, of all the people here, he picked you out of the crowd…

7. That Bounce

The color red has been scientifically proven to raise heart rates. As you stroll down the avenue of the Champs-Élysées in your ruby red Sophie skirt you suspect it does more than that.

You can’t help but notice all those appreciative glances coming your way. Is it just the color? Or is it the extra bounce in your step? You know that bounce one gets when they know they’re looking extra fine.

Maybe it’s a combination of the two. Either way, the day is starting out beautifully…

8. Just the Right Thing

Of all the things you packed for this trip, your favorite would have to be the comfy striped Bardot top. Pulling it out of your suitcase, you remember why it was so essential to have such a top.

Not just because the soft knit resists wrinkles. Not just because those lacy stripes give it the perfect feminine touch. But also because the cut is flattering without trying too hard.

Just the right thing to wear to meet your new friend for a tour of the Eiffel Tower…

9. A Whole Lot of Class

French girls dress rather simply. Solid colors, clean silhouettes & a whole lot of class. It’s rumored that they prefer to let their natural beauty take center stage.

But you’ve discovered that basic pieces make it easy to look polished. They make it easy to put together outfits & by extension, experiences.

The experience you’re after today will require your simple but flattering Bardot top, a sense of adventure & that hottie you met yesterday…

10. A Matter of Instinct

Ankle boots? Check. Black pencil skirt? Check. Striped Brigitte top? Check. Moto jacket? Check. Red lips? Of course!

So easy to choose what to wear now that you’ve been around a while isn’t it? After studying all the stylish locals, planning your outfits has become second nature.

You wouldn’t even call it planning. It’s more a matter of instinct. That same instinct that got you invited to L’Arc tonight. You’ve heard celebrities go there when they’re in town. Wonder if you’ll see anyone famous…

11. Canelés & Coffee

After a few exciting days, you’re finding it’s nice to take a day to just relax. Dressed comfortably in your soft knit Bardot top, you enjoy some decadent pastries at an outdoor café along the Seine.

As you hang out people watching, you chat with the new friends you’ve made. Your French gets better every day they tell you. You have the look down too, one says.

You should extend your visit another one chimes in. They have a gorgeous friend who’s dying to meet you…

12. Le Magazine

As you admire the grandness of the Galeries Lafayette, getting lost in the design, you’re so glad that you put it on your list of places to see.

You notice someone approaching from the side. In her cloud of Coco Mademoiselle she insists in rapid-fire French of snapping a picture of you for le magazine. After getting several angles of your jupe fabuleuse she takes down your name & hands you her card.

It takes a few seconds to register that her card is imprinted with the words: Vogue Paris…

13. Danse Avec Moi

One thing is for certain, one doesn’t wear layers of tulle when trying to blend in. It just defeats the purpose. You can’t really be a wallflower with a dress like the Audrey dress.

That full skirt begs to be swirled around a dance floor. To let it linger along the edges would be criminal.

The way it hits at mid-calf, it’s just the right length to show off some fancy footwork. Not much of a dancer? That’s OK, he’s not looking at your feet anyway.

To be concluded…

margaux coat
The reverse side of the Margaux coat comes in three colors. See them here.


Good luck  & happy writing!



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